May 2015

21/05/2015  • 7pm  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic Superdebate: meeting with the IN SITU LAB

[The conference will be held in French]

The IN SITU LAB is the Applied Arts Diploma from the Design College Le Corbusier in Strasbourg, where students can learn and experiment participative and user-centered methodologies, with a focus on in situ residencies. The tests conducted so far help to imagine new posture and practices for a design that is questioning public innovation.

During this Superdebate, we will discover more deeply the work of the IN SITU LAB, along with their partners, La Fabrique de l’Hospitalité and La Bibliothèque Départementale du Bas-Rhin

More information on the website of the Diploma here (in French).

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April 2015

13/04/2015  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic EntreLabs, 1st edition

Entrelabs are workshops held twice a year to help communities and administrations possessing the means for innovation in-house to set up an evaluation and improvement network: “debugging” of practices, case studies, tool production, testimonies of other public policy labs (primarily foreign), etc.

By invitation only

10/04/2015  • 4 rue de la vacquerie Paris 11e Superpublic “Change leaders” – Visit of Oxford Saïd Business School/HEC, with MindLab

Within the scope of its partnership with Mindlab, Superpublic will welcome the Oxford Saïd Business School/HEC for a morning presentation. More information here (in English).

By invitation only

09/04/2015  • 6.30pm - 9pm  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic The cocktail for democracy

[The event will be held in French]

The association Open Democracy organizes a cocktail every month, a moment for informal and essential interchanges. The next one will be held at Superpublic and will provide the opportunity to discuss where various organizations converge on the subject of the future of public debate and democracy in France.

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09/04/2015  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic Research lunch

An informal encounter organized at Superpublic with an outside expert or researcher who shares his/her work. On the 9th we’ll be lunching with Alexane Brochard of Labocoop, who will talk to us about public education.

By invitation only

02/04/2015  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic Cocktail for Superpublic residents!

A convivial moment shared by organizations and structures residing at Superpublic.

Private event

01/04/2015  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic Workshop on Akim Oural’s investigations

Workshop organized within the scope of the investigations entrusted to Akim Oural, Deputy Mayor of Lille, on public innovation at regional level.

Final workshop focused on his recommendations.

Private event

March 2015

31/03/2015  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic SGMAP – Workshop on simplifying the first day at school

The SGMAP organized a workshop for all stakeholders on the major life event “Sending my child to school” to identify ways to simplify or improve procedures related to starting school.

Private event

24/03/2015  • 10am - 1pm  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic SGMAP-IGPDE Reinvent an administrative “object”– The workspace

[The conference will be held in French]

What new practices can be identified for the public administrations of tomorrow? How can public management be better adapted to the challenges of the 21st century? To give a concrete shape to these investigations, two sessions were devoted to “objects” used everyday by administrations: the workspace and meeting space.

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12/03/2015  • 2pm - 5pm  • 4 rue de la Vacquerie, Paris 11e Superpublic Biased evaluation

[The workshop will be held in French]

Presentation and discussion of the results of the LA POINTEUSE #1, an administrative foresight experiment, the first of its kind, on the topic of “biased evaluation”. Brainstorming together on future possibilities for evaluating public policies!

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