Superpublic, a space dedicated to 
transforming public policy

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About Superpublic

Superpublic is the first space ever entirely devoted to innovation in the public sector.

To reinvent the way in which public policy is designed and implemented, free zones where it’s possible and encouraged to think out of the box are needed – open and neutral resource spaces with the capacity to reunite outstanding capabilities in public innovation. That’s what Superpublic is all about.

Covering an area of 300 square meters, Superpublic is designed and equipped to conduct creative design workshops, develop prototypes for innovating projects, organize encounters, set up specialized training sessions and share resources and workspace in a collaborative approach.

Set up as a meeting place for the pioneer community in public innovation, Superpublic has sprung from Re-Acteur Public, a program launched in 2014 that ended in 2015, with national and local community departments to develop new forms of innovation in the public sector. Other spaces of the same type could be created in the near future both in France and abroad.

A space for co-working

Superpublic welcomes, on a full-time basis, both public and private structures that devote their activity to public innovation. Superpublic also proposes co-working and welcomes, on a part-time basis, professionals, entrepreneurs and French and foreign students working in the field of public innovation.

A multidisciplinary vocation

Superpublic’s purpose is to allow all disciplines, capabilities and public and private structures involved in transforming public policy to meet with each other and to interact. Today, the space is occupied fulltime by public policy designers and generalists and our goal is to share the space with disciplines and persons from other horizons!


Using Superpublic

There are three ways you can go about discovering and working at Superpublic:

partners and members

10 half-day meetings

for agents and elected officials of the partner community


4 half-day meetings

devoted to organizing your events and/or meetings




a project /

You have a project linked to transforming public service


Multidisciplinarity /

You wish to develop creative and durable collaborative efforts, and with the residents and partners of Superpublic



You wish to develop creative and durable collaborative efforts, and with the residents and partners of Superpublic



You could participate in developing a network of players who are passionate about transforming public policy





You’d like to take advantage of shared space at Superpublic to organize an event? 
Let’s study together the feasibility and practical means for your coming!




€350 / Month

A workstation available full-time


€190 /
10 days

A workstation available on a daily basis

Pratical info


4 rue La Vacquerie
75011 Paris

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Metro stations nearby: Philippe Auguste (line 2), Voltaire or Charonne
(line 9)

Bus stations nearby: Saint-Maur Servan (lines 61 and 69), Charonne-Voltaire (line 76) and Voltaire Léon Blum (lines 56 and 56)


Office hours

Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm



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